Free Mini-Course: How to Deal with the 5 Challenging People You'll Encounter in the Workplace 

Throughout my years of coaching experience and working with professionals from all levels, I know that challenging communication situations are guaranteed to show up during your career and have a drastic impact on you.

 As you climb the ladder in your career, you'll inevitably encounter at least one of the five most difficult characters in the workplace…

If you’re at your wits end dealing with Resister Ray, who constantly says no to every idea that isn’t his and is protective of his turf…

If you get the life sucked out of you when you interact with Negative Nelly, the chronic complainer and the one who never has a good thing to say about anything, including the weather, their sports team, the new strategy, the boss and so forth… 

If you’re done being ambushed by Feedback Turn-Around Terry, who takes every opportunity to instead focus on your faults during their feedback discussions… 

If you dread going into the office to see Eggshells Edgar because he does everything possible to show his disapproval of your presence and knows just the right buttons to push to get his way and make your life miserable…

If you need freedom from Difficult Micromanager Micki, who bombards you with a constant flow of emails, texts and conversations and insists on being involved in every decision of your projects. 

If you’re tired of always ending up in arguments or worse yet, escalations, with these difficult people… 

Then this mini-course was created for someone just like you.

Free 5-Day Email Mini-Course

What to Expect in this Mini-Course:

Lesson 1: Dealing with Resister Ray

Ray and his counterparts are found in every organization and often play gatekeeper roles. They are in charge of protecting processes and any suggestion that they need to change is typically met with fierce resistance. Their jobs are important but often thankless in their minds. In this lesson, you'll learn approaches for navigating workplace resisters. 

Lesson 2: Dealing with Negative Ned or Nelly

Since most of us aren’t practicing psychologists, we’ll never know why some individuals tend to view almost everything in a negative light. You know these individuals-they’re the chronic complainers. In this lesson, you'll learn how to not let this character pull you down into the mud with their negative perspectives, and how to ultimately get them to focus on your ideas or initiatives.

Lesson 3: Dealing with Feedback Turn-Around Terry

Feedback conversations are challenging for all individuals. It’s not uncommon for managers to end up in these discussions with individuals who deftly turn the feedback around and begin a critique of the manager’s performance. In this lesson, you'll learn Ideas and approaches to navigate individuals who attempt to derail your feedback discussions.

Lesson 4: Dealing with Eggshells Edgar

Almost every person who’s ever held a job has spent time walking on eggshells around a deliberately difficult employee to avoid inciting a confrontation. This person is a master of making everyone else around them tread cautiously, and understands the impact they have on others. If you avoid interacting with Eggshells Edgar on a daily basis, you'll appreciate the techniques you'll learn in this lesson.

Lesson 5: Dealing with Difficult Manager Micki

Difficult managers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the micromanaging boss that scrutinizes your every move, to the absentee manager, they make doing your job hard. In this lesson, you'll learn Ideas and approaches to navigate those difficult bosses.

Hosted By Art Petty

Art Petty is an executive and emerging leader coach and longtime software industry executive. Art writes the popular Management Excellence blog and Leadership Caffeine articles, and he’s written three leadership books and numerous e-books. His books, training development and online learning programs serve as resources for firms in manufacturing, technology, defense, services, healthcare, and for state agencies as well as agencies in the federal government.



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