Leadership Caffeine Jam Session #3
The persuasive power of the right words
in the right order said the right way.

January 14th, 12 PM CT 

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In these 50-minute events, host and leadership and management expert, Art Petty along with other leading thinkers offer ideas for leading, managing, innovating, and succeeding that you can put to work immediately. Additionally, the last 15-minutes is reserved exclusively for your questions on anything related to managing and leading effectively. 

For all topics, you have a voice as we jam together on solving some of the vexing problems of leading and managing. 

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Mini-Class: 8/11 12 pm CT

For this session, our focus is on rethinking how you engage with others when seeking support, offering constructive input, or suggesting new ideas. While we all have the same words at our disposal, as a wise person once offered, some individuals are simply better at stringing them together.

Open jam session on all management and leadership topics for the final 15-minutes.

Jam Session #3

Webinar: 01/14 12 pm CT

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Leadership Caffeine Jam Session #4

Rethinking Career Development for this Era


In this session, career expert Julie Winkle Giulioni joins Art Petty to share insights and ideas from her forthcoming book, Promotions Are SO Yesterday—Redefine Career Development/Help Employees Thrive. Whether you are managing and supporting the development of others or interested in gaining great ideas for your career development, this is a must-attend session. 

February 11, at 12 PM CT

Leadership Caffeine Jam Session #5

Finding the Magic with Your Teams


Teams are the engines of change and growth, from bringing innovations to our customers to pursuing organizational transformation to bringing strategy to life. In this session, we’ll share ideas, approaches, and tools to help all of us find the “magic” with our teams. After all, we can use a bit of “extraordinary” in our organizations and professional lives about now. I’ll share my ideas and you bring yours to help us all. After all, we’re smarter together!

March 11, at 12 PM CT

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