Learn how to overcome the top 5 challenges new managers face 

If you’re feeling awkward that you now have to essentially tell your friends that used to be your co-workers what to do….

If you’re struggling to shift your focus from accomplishing your tasks to helping others accomplish their tasks…

If you're not sure how to approach giving feedback to that difficult person on your team...

And if you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out how to juggle your own tasks and manage your team – all the while putting out fires and dealing with their problems…

Then, this free 5-part mini-course was created for someone just like you. 

Free 5-Day Email Mini-Course

What You'll Learn:

Lesson 1: Adjusting to Your New Role

There's many challenges that arise when shifting from individual contributor to manager. The reality is that succeeding at managing demands a fundamental rewiring of your approach to your work. “What got you here won’t get you there.” You'll learn six ideas here to help you quickly acclimate to your new job.

Lesson 2: What Do I Do 

This lesson tackles the awkward reality that it’s typically not clear where you should spend your time or how you should go about working with your new team members. You'll learn several powerful approaches for getting your team involved in helping you tune in to what they need from you as their manager.

Lesson 3: Building Trust

You'll be challenged to rethink your approach to creating that important bond with your team members, by adopting an approach called Rapid Trust. A key part of succeeding with Rapid Trust is giving up the “Walk on Hot Coals” approach most of us naturally use before we decide we can trust someone. The guidance is counterintuitive and incredibly powerful when you put it to work.

Lesson 4: Challenging Conversations

Feedback and having challenging conversations is a major tripping point for everyone but especially first-time managers. From the fundamentals of performance feedback to insights into the power of the persuasion cycle, you'll take away multiple tips you can put to work immediately with your team members.

Lesson 5: Seeking High Performance

From building a feedback culture, establishing team values, and helping your team members become recognized as great corporate citizens, this lesson will help you mold your group into a high-performance team.

Hosted By Art Petty

Art Petty is an executive and emerging leader coach and longtime software industry executive. Art writes the popular Management Excellence blog and Leadership Caffeine articles, and he’s written three leadership books and numerous e-books. His books, training development and online learning programs serve as resources for firms in manufacturing, technology, defense, services, healthcare, and for state agencies as well as agencies in the federal government.


What to Expect in this Mini-Course:


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