[ Webinar]

Think Differently in a World Where All the Rules Have Changed

Hosted by Art Petty & Anita Lauper Wood

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Here's what we'll be covering in the webinar:

  1. How Thinking Differently can help you make an impact and improve personal, team, and organization performance
  2. Why you need to rethink your role as a leader to level up in your career and help your firm succeed in this complex environment
  3. The power of “Beginner’s Mind” thinking
  4. How to Think Differently about developing high-performance teams
  5. Why you need to blow up your traditional approaches to brainstorming and how to immediately improve idea generation activities
  6. How to change the view on your markets and customers and rethink your firm’s approach to strategy

Join us for an information-packed program where we share ideas and the actions essential to bring them to life! In 45 minutes plus q/a Art and Anita will inspire, inform, and help you on your journey to level up your performance and the performance of your team and organization!